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• 11/27/2017

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• 2/20/2017

Demotion of Moviejunkie2009

This is a community discussion for the demotion of Moviejunkie2009, for abusing powers and violating wiki rules.Movie should be stripped of his current  rights. So simply vote yes or no and say why.
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• 4/26/2015

In E-jail.

On a users page it says they are in E-jail. What does that mean?
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• 1/29/2015

!UPDATE!: Admin request polocy

Hello, I am informing you that changes have been made to the admin request system.
Users applying for admin must now meat certain criteria in order to apply for admin position.

-> Have at least 100 non-social edits (i.e. forums, blogs, comments, userpages)

-> Have demonstrated they are willing to help the wiki.

-> Have a relatively decent reputation across Wikia's network.

If a user does not meat this criteria there request will be archived.
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• 11/23/2014

a new change for Rollbackers

As of now, i'm scrapping the Rollbacker Request thing, the reason being, i feel the appointment system works better, as the Rolbacker tool, it's really only one tool, the reason most wikis have requests for admin, is the admin tool is a lot of tools, but a request for rollback really wouldn't work, plus there is a very small chance of a user would request for it, plus we have confident and smart enough bureaucrats, that appointing good rollbacks wouldn't be that much of a problem at all.
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• 10/7/2014

Proposal: Request system

Hi  everyone,
A couple users have noticed some confusion over how voting on admin and bcrat requests works. I noticed that there is not writen word as to of how this works!
So here's the proposal:
We use a system simmaler to that of several other wikis including ESB , 
"Users will express their vote with either Support, Neutral, or
Oppose along with a short sentance explaining their choice.
In order for a request to pass, 75% of all votes must be support. "
With this system even if only four or less people are active, we get a fair vote. Since this wiki is fairly small I think this system would be perfect. We can adjust the "75%"  number down or up if need be.
Leave a coment below.
use  {{Support}}, {{Neutral}}, or {{Oppose}}
This will apply to both admin and bcrat requests.
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• 9/28/2014


Okay, we currently have 6 administrators, of which 3 are bureaucrats. I'm not including Bravenwolf or Road in those, as they're going to be demoted.My proposal for admins is:
Administrators:Nightmare9188LumoshiRiku KH
Support, Neutral, or
Oppose this proposal.
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• 9/20/2014

Demotion of Road Runner1

Hi all,
Since User:Road Runner1 is a closed account we should demote it. However, we need comunity support in order to do this. This account has already been demoted on SBG by staff. 
Please give your support so we can ask staff to demote this account.
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• 9/20/2014

Proposal: Wiki-Break Status

Hello I would like to propose a slight change to the 30 day inactivity rule.
The following wIll be added to the rules page: 
"If an admin announces that they will be inactive, they will obtain the "On Wiki-Break" status. Admins on Wiki-Break status will not be demoted due to inactivity."
I think this would be benificial for the whole community. Everybody needs a break sometimes after all!
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• 3/21/2017

Demotion of Sky The Speedpo

This is a community discussion for the demotion of Sky The Speedpo, who is known for abusing powers and bullying users. as you know he is globally blocked and should just be stripped of his crats rights. So simply vote yes or no and say why.
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• 9/16/2014

Demotion of Master Bravenwolf

This is a community discussion for the demotion of Master Bravenwolf, who is known for abusing powers and bullying users. as you know he is globally blocked and should just be stripped of his crats rights. So simply vote yes or no and say why.
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• 7/21/2014

Back on the Forums Again

*sighs relaxed* It Feels Good to be back on the Forums Again, To be talking on the Forums outside of of the Usual Stuff the Forums are used for nowadays, To enjoy Chatting here with my Wikia Friends, and the Forums have Many Advantages.
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• 7/12/2014


Hi y'all. This is a proposal about the rights of some admins on this wiki, but not the bureaucrats. The current administrators are:

and myself.
My proposal's list for admins is:

MoBros (as soon as he joins the wiki. I'll link him when I see him next)
Support if you agree with my proposal. Oppose if you like the current admin list.
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• 7/5/2014

Improvement ideas for this Wiki #1

You know, Some users have been Giving me Ideas for this Wiki Already i picked up Some Ideas Myself Including:
1.Having More than Neutral support, Strong Support, Weak Support, Neutral leaning teward Support, Neutral leaning teward oppose, Weak Oppose and Strong Oppose
if you have more ideas, share them here
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• 6/21/2014

The Home Page is having problems

Is it my device, or did someone glitch up the home page, at 1st it showed the wiki history from 3-4 days ago, then it just showed up as nothing (my mobile Device had iOS 7.1 and Safari)
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• 6/14/2014

Can Someone (Admin and/or Bureaucrat) change the permissions on the pages on wikia users (except the Ones locked to Admin-Only) to Registered Users only?

The reason I need someone to do this is cause those pages are valuable, and they help make this wiki better for the users currently on this wiki.
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• 5/17/2014

Should I Let Bravenwolf back On The Bureaucrat position?

I Probably Wouldn't Put Bravenwolf As a Chat Moderator (Due to his Kickfest) But should I Let Bravenwolf be Bureaucrat And Admin Again When he Comes Back?
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• 5/13/2014

Tominator Wiki Logo Ideas

Does anyone have any logo Ideas for This Wiki?
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• 5/11/2014

Most favorite cartoon

What's your guys favorite cartoon?
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