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Here's The Reason Why I Want To Become And Administrator On This Wikipedia Is Because I Love To Make A Few Updates From Time To Time And Do Weekly Polls (That's What I'll Try To Do Instead)


Download (9) Oppose I'm very sorry, but I see you where blocked on another wiki for vandalism (blanking the main page) recently also, I noticed you where insulting and cussing out one of said wiki's admins. On yet another wiki, you vandalized by blanking several pages. This behaviour is unacceptable for any user, especialy an admin!

Also, pretty much everything you have listed can be done without admin rights. You also have no non social edits. I'm sorry but maybe contribute a bit more and prove to me that you have what it takes and my feelings will change. For now, I must oppose however.

WolfWink_L.gif Auron Who you callin' pinhead?! Cyndaquil.png   03:11,10/12/2014 

Download (9) Oppose Per above. Nicko756%27s_Signature_5.gif (PTC)23:48, October 13, 2014 (UTC)