Even The Title Card is Creepy/Scary, Because The Title Card Looks Like Something You See In A Mental Institution!!

The Worst Episode of the Whole Series, This episode is One Coarse Meal + Little Yellow Book!!

The Plot of the Episode

The Episode Begins with SpongeBob Reading a Book and Laughing to Annoy Squidward, Then Squidward Asks SpongeBob Why He's laughing, He was Reading "His happy Book", Squidward, Then Accidently Burned his book making a bad joke, then he Tries to Remember a Happy memories but the TV in his head failed, Then SpongeBob Tried to Help and What Happened:

  1. Concert: Tries to Enjoy it but gets in the Eye with a arrow
  2. Art museum: Sees his Art in the Museum, But fiasco Destroys it.
  3. Air balloon: afraid Of Heights, Crashes into mountain and gets called Amutchers by a Hiker.

Then Squidward gets depressed, Goes to Bed and Rolls himself in the Blanket and Rolls off the Bed and under it and Then 2 Suicide Jokes are made (not unlike One Coarse Meal) and SpongeBob Tries to Help but Eventually at the End Squidward Tears A part All The Paper SpongeBob's And Says that it is his Favorite Memory!

Why it is Hated

  • The Plotholes (There are 3 of them)
  • The Suicide Jokes (Not Unlike One Coarse Meal)
  • They use Plotholes just to Torture Squidward.
  • One Coarse Meal at least only one Suicide Joke, This Episode has 2 Suicide Jokes.
  • It (almost) completely Rips Off Red Mist (Squidward's Suicide) Which was a Creepypasta!
  • The Ending Sucks
  • The Torture goes too Far just like Restraining SpongeBob!

Episodes that have Squidward with happy memories

  • Hooky
  • Squidvile
  • Can you spare a dime?
  • Band geeks
  • House Fancy
  • inSPONGEiac

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