• Garchomp2012

    Two Weeks

    January 15, 2015 by Garchomp2012

    Note: I won't be here for two weeks. Be sure to comment on asking why, but don't commenting that contains gibberish, spamming, swearing, etc. It can lead to the flavor of victory, but wish me luck everyone. Bye.

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  • JustinOnTheWiki

    I think mine is The Splinter, Boating Buddies, House Fancy or Squids Visit

    Whats yours?

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  • Omgitskittykatty

    This is the first song I released here. So, uh, if you're new to what I do then ask.

    (If I have time, I'll answer it.)

    Jessica Plz - Main singer

    Road and Tominator - Background singers

    I was 

    Walking down the street

    And I saw someone

    He called himself

    Zoogaplex McKenzie Butts!

    He took me to his house

    And gave me a nice dinner

    But then I saw

    But then he saw

    He had a mask

    It was a human mask

    I looked at him

    And he was a...

    Tentacle monster.

    Zoogaplex McKenzie Tentacles!

    "Okay," I said

    Bursting at the top of my lungs

    "What do you want?

    To skin me alive?"

    "No, I wanna eat you for dinner."

    Zoogaplex McKenzie Butts!

    "What the [bleep]

    Is wrong with you?"

    "Nothin'; it's just what mah species do."

    I left.

    So that's the story

    Of Zoogaplex McKenzie

    Who I saw today

    And apologized fo…

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  • Tominator777


    • Speacial Fonts For Rollback's username
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  • Tominator777

    List of Chathacks

    June 30, 2014 by Tominator777
    1. AFK: Makes the USername flash between Active and Away
    2. Clear Window: Clears the Chat
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  • Tominator777

    Tominator Network

    June 27, 2014 by Tominator777

    Tominator Network is a new Function on Tominator777 Wiki. It's the Affilated Wikis Link of the Wikis This Wiki is Affilated With.

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  • Tominator777

    This is a list of Activites that happened more currently as of June 22, 2014:

    • June 22, 2014: Tominator777 is made Chat mod on ESB By AMK152
    • June 26, 2014: Tominator Network got Started on Tominator777 Wiki
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  • Tominator777

    This is the past timeline of my Wikia account: TominatorXX.

    1. December 23, 2013: Made Call of Duty page on YouTube Trolls Wiki
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  • Tominator777

    The main problem is how easily Rigged they are, so it's possible to frame other users on talk pages, So Good users can be falsely Blocked for no reason.

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  • Tominator777

    This is another backstory blog, this one is on users that are similar to me from the past:

    • 120d
    1. Some of the things he thought would happen (i.e his argument against the term "good faith edit") have actually happened on Mean YouTubers Wiki.
    2. When I was admin at mean YouTubers Wiki, I had to block a lot of bad users that were stalking the founder, CartoonFreak, just to insult him without warning at that time when it started to get bad.
    3. Both of us were suggested to be demoted, (although, it was for different reasons, For me, It was because of my grammar (I had a problem with abusing "!!!" At that time) for 120d, his hard to agree with way of progress.
    • Hardink
    1. Some things I would of said (but I chose not to say) to 120d at that time were similar(altho…
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  • Tominator777

    Well I do know that while I do know that Fairly Odd Parents has been going downhill more recently, thing I've noticed though, is the fact that since the show has been going downhill recently, some of you may remember episodes like "it's a wishful life", where it was hated because he made a wish to Not have his life anymore, remember SpongeBob and how in modern SpongeBob you know with with how the show is gotten more redundant lately, and how they gotten so far as to rip off the older episodes,

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  • Tominator777

    Most of you know me as Tominator777, but believe it or not, TominatorXX was my 1st Wikia account, I used to work on a wiki called "Mean YouTubers Wiki", and I was A Admin and Bureaucrat there, Some of you might remember the "Pointless info" problem I used to have, some of the admins from Mean YouTubers Wiki were, CartoonFreak666, The founder of the Wiki, he considers himself to be one of the nicest guys on the internet, SonicFanForever, the hardest working admin of the wiki and is like old 120d and a bit like Tanhamman mixed together, except without the blocking fetish, GodzilaFan1, He is A Lot like Road Runner by Personality, he was the one who wanted to remove the bias from Mean YouTubers Wiki, Holynether, He is like the SpongeyTube of the…

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  • Tominator777

    Here are the Plans for this Wiki:

    1. A Box for the Template on this Wikis Home Page
    2. The Request page for Demotion to be completed
    3. To Make a Box around the Blocked and Banned Templates
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  • Tominator777

    I've Seen the Episode inSPONGEiac, But this Episode This a Bad Rip off of Seahouse Seashell.

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