Chat tourism is a neologism for going to chats on several wikis without having any relationship to the community and the topic with which the community deals. It was first used by Nightmare9188 to describe the behavior of Master Bravenwolf.


Though Master Bravenwolf was mainly situated on the Tenkai Knights Wiki, where he had a comparatively good relationship with other users, he tended to often chat on wikis where he wasn't really a member of the community. He also invited Nightmare9188 and other users of the Tenkai Knights Wiki to these chats. But on other wikis he was often banned from chat, since he didn't get along well with and partly really didn't know them. This may also have caused his global block, since users from the SOG Wiki finally reported him to the staff. However his latest block on September 12, 2014 he got because of bullying users on Tenkai Knights Wiki.


Although they weren't true for Master Bravenwolf, chat tourism may have some advantages.

  • You can advertise your own wiki there (only if other users are also interested in)
  • You learn to know other users (only useful if you have a good relationship to them).


Like everything it also has disadvantages.

  • You don't know much about the topic of the wiki.
  • You don't know many of the users.
  • You only can hope that you get along well with them.
  • They may not be interested in your wiki and its topic.
  • If you run one, you may neglect your own wiki.


Screenshot (153)

Nightmare9188 talking about Master Bravenwolf's chat tourism.

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TenkaiKnightsUnite29's answer.