A New User Who Visits ESB, .She Hasn't made Any Edits Yet, She has Made Edits,She is also in Love With Timmy Turner, Which May indicate That she is a fan of the Fairly Odd Parents. She isn't in love With Timmy anymore, She loves Austin From Backyardigans now, She Also said she loves Full House, She also claimed that she had a depression problem due to people at her school bullying her. She later starting sending enough messages to cause 120d to get Hardink to tell dogs to Leave 120d alone. She is also 15 years old.

Stuff She Loves/Likes

  • Timmy Turner (Loves) (not anymore)
  • Full House (Loves)
  • Austin from Backyardigans (Loves)
  • Backyardigans

Stuff She Hates

  • Unknown to this moment