Grammar Nazi -2 (deffernt) (Censored)

Hardink Being Immature #1

Grammar Nazi -3 (censored)

Hardin Being Immature #2

Also Known as, Hardlink is a User that is famous for how much he hates 120d And his wiki (part of the Tominator Network) It Broke off Due to Issues.

Info About Him

He Started a Group called "The 120destoryers", He Says that "120d Sucks" Around the same amount that Master Bravenwolf does, Here are a List of Things he Did on SpongeBob Wiki:

  • harassing Other Users
  • Making the 120d Situation Worse
  • Vandalized 120d's userpage
  • Saying "120d has Herpies"
  • Fighting With Kidsview a Lot!
  • encouraging Kickfest (Just like what Master Bravenwolf did the SpongeBob Wiki Chat Room)
  • Insult People
  • Spam
  • Use ALL CAPS (not always)
  • Act like a Wantabe Gansta
  • Break the Swearing Rule "i.e. Not allowed to say f*ck or s*it" (he did this on 1 occasion)
  • Disturb Other Users by "rubbing Cream"

He also got blocked 3 times on ESB and still Blocked now

Stuff He Likes

Stuff He Hates

  • Sonic
  • Scooby Doo
  • Autism (Confirmed)
  • 120d
  • AMK152
  • Wikia


  • Do not bring up ESB with Hardink, he hates ESB because of 120d.
  • His Wiki is Awesome, I Recommend Visiting it, Unless You're 120d. There's issues between the 2 Wikis.
  • He Hates 120d and AMK152 for Blocking him, Yet he Blocked Everybody on his Wiki.