What happens in a Kickfest

This what happens when you try To Chat with someone during The Kickfest also known as "KICKFEST!!".

A kickfest is an event in which a user with authority or power on a particular wiki kicks many users from chat for seemingly no particular reason, and is often considered to be abuse of moderating powers.

Users who do it

Users who Influence Others to Do it

users Who have been Affected by the Influence


  • According to Tominator777's ESB Chat From 5-25-2014, There is a chance that Any of the Mods will do a unannounced Kickfest If you Stand up for Yourself if you get annoyed by the situation.
  • A similar custom has been on the now mostly inactive Bakugan Wiki. There it was called Thankskicking and was held every year on Thanksgiving. The administration of the Tenkai Knights Wiki is planning to revive this custom, since they see themselves a bit in the tradition of the Bakugan Wiki, as both Bakugan and Tenkai Knights are from Spin Master.