This Person Is in the Chat room Often


Anytime There's a Joke, He immediaely Follows It without thinking . He is Also Really Good Friends with Kidsbot and SS20Bot. He is HUGELY INFAMOUS FOR THE FIGHTS WITH HARDINK!! The fights Turn into Huge Flame Wars and Kickfest Becomes king in this Situation, In Fact, Muchacha Falsely Kicked Tominator777 Just because he Wanted them to Stop and Kidsview is the Main Reason Tominator777 Despites Trivia in the Chatroom.


  • Despite Being Bitter enemies with Hardink, They Both Share a Good Amount in common like:
    • Both of Them being Common in the ESB Chatroom
    • Both of Them are infamous for Starting to cause other Mods to Kickfest other people who Want the Situation to Stop.
    • Both of them hate 120d with no Reason to back it up
  • he has been gone for a While, He was seen in the chat room on June 24th, 2014
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