Here is list of episodes that modern SpongeBob ripped off. Note: The right side Is the episode it got stolen from.

Classic SpongeBob

Season 1

  • Face Freeze ---> Hooky:
  1. Both episodes feature SpongeBob and Patrick doing something stupid which leads to Mr. Krabs telling them to stop with a story.
  2. In both episodes SpongeBob and Patrick can't resist doing something, but karma bites them back in the end.
  1. Both episodes feature Squidward getting annoyed to the point of getting back at SpongeBob.
  2. Both episodes end up doing something that makes Squidward less likeable (although Little Yellow Book did it worse)
  3. The scene where SpongeBob runs out of The Krusty Krab crying is the same, scene to scene.

Season 2

  • Someone's in the Kitchen With Sandy ---> Imitation Krabs
  1. Both episodes feature Plankton controlling a robot pretending to be someone SpongeBob trusts.
  2. In both episodes, Plankton gets the Formula but fails to get the real recipe for whatever reason at the end.
  3. In both episodes, Plankton gets treated to stuff other than the formula.