A former chat moderator of SpongeBob Wiki. He seems to have a personally similar to JosephHawk but much meaner.


One thing noticeable about him is that he is another one of many users that hate 120d due to his blocking fetish. Unlike the other ones, he seems to have gotten over it, he also doesn't seem to be active anymore. The last edit he made on ESB was a rude decline in Muchacha's Admin request. He came back to the Wiki on May 29, 2014, saying "he might retire From Wikia."

He was known as "Jezz" for a short while and is known for nearly making a new user quit Wikia.

As of September 2014 he has completely cut off contact with ESB and Wikia.

He returned to wikia on September 20, 2014 under a new name: TheCatThatTookMyFish

He still likes to be called Jezz.

He returned to wikia suddenly appearing in chat June 25, 2015, and has been active ever since.

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