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Bravenwolf Being a hypocrite!

Master Bravenwolf is the 1st ex-bureaucrat on this wiki (tied with Road Runner1).  He also wanted to make up for what he did before when his block expired. From August 14, 2014 on he was also known as Sky The Speedpo. On September 12, 2014 he was globally blocked again for bullying users and abusing powers on seveal other wikis. Nightmare9188 and Corey Chambers reported him to staff and made sure that he would lose all powers on Wikia. One day later his "friend" FlamingCrimson (who turned out to be Master Bravenwolf/Sky the Speedpo) came to Nightmare9188's Tenkai Knights Wiki to appeal. On September 14, 2014 Nightmare9188 started a thread on Braven and Fandro Wiki where users can report issues with Master Bravenwolf.

What he Did

  • Makes Sex Jokes
  • Kickfest
  • Chat tourism
  • Made an oath to change and do better
  • Abusing powers
  • Spamming to lag the chat
  • Made a hate Wiki about Nightmare9188
  • Announced to retire, but didn't
  • He is blocked on Fantendo and Zolaran Archives
  • He has eleven accounts


Fun Facts about him

  • According to SummerSpongeFan20, he has Aspergers.
  • His Oath says he won't do any of the stuff he did before but later turned out to be a lie.
  • He wanted this page to be changed because he felt that "it made him look bad".

Other names

  • Braven
  • Sky
  • MasterTroll or Master Braventroll (by Jezz)


Bravenwolf's Oath to do better and To not do Kickfest ever again!

Stuff He Likes

  • Sonic (possible)
  • Tenkai knights (possible)
  • Kickfest
  • Insulting people

Stuff He Hates

  • Rules
  • Nightmare9188 and several other users from Tenkai Knights Wiki
  • 120d (revealed in ESB chat)