When Master Bravenwolf was first globally blocked in May 2014, he lost his rights on several wikis where he was administrator and bureaucrat. In order to get them back, he swore an oath that he will better himself.


I, Master Bravenwolf, solemnly swear, on everything I adore, that I will be a just bureaucrat, who only blocks vandals, spammers, sockpuppets and harassers. I will rule this wiki in a competent and serious way. Everything I do is for the community, so I respect that every opinion, which differs from my own is as valuable as my. Furthermore nobody will suffer wrong from me and if he does I will apologize to him. So help me god!


After Master Bravenwolf swore the oath he got his administrator and bureaucrat rights back on several wikis and he was given a second chance. However, he was globally blocked again on September 12, 2014 and loses his rights again. Obviously he didn't take the oath serious. It is unlikely that he will get his rights back for another time. Master Bravenwolf also has announced his retirement from Wikia.