A Very Famous Children's TV Show Channel!

1970's and 1980's

The Original name was Pinwheel, The Channel was Launched in 1977, On The Qube cable System, (now Time Warner Cable).

During its broadcast day, it would air shows such as Pinwheel, Video Comic Book, America Goes Bananaz, Nickel Flicks and By the Way.

On April 1, 1979, the channel went national when they expanded to another QUBE system in Buffalo, New York.

In 1980, Geraldine Laybourne joined the network. She would become President of Nickelodeon in 1983. In 1981, the channel expanded nationwide as Nickelodeon.

The channel became known for its iconic green slime, originally featured in the network's first major hit, the 1980s Canadian comedy show You Can't Do That on Television. The slime was then adopted by the station as a primary feature of many of its shows.

In 1984, the original "Silver Ball" logo was replaced with the current "Orange" shape-shifting logo.

Shows From This Time:


At This Point, Nickelodeon was Getting Really good for People and Had Famous Shows like Doug and Reguarts. Shows From This Time: