Tominator777 In The 2nd World Wiki

An account made by Ben.


A Confirmed Sockpuppet Account By DoNotLickPotatos, he Ranted about how on Some Wikis Don't allow you To Swear, Whereas on Those Wikis, It's up to them. he also Spammed Cuss Words in the ESB Chatroom.

Not Da Gallery

  • Not Da Potato being blocked for language (Updated).png
  • Not Da Potato being blocked for language 2 (Updated).png
  • Not Da Potato "Don't Knows" "Dumbs*it" is A Bad Idea on this Chatroom!

Starting to Turn into Kickfest.

he Thinks not swearing doesn't make it a Insult.

Unbanned Not Da Potato.

Whether it's Swearing or not it still are a Insult!

Not Da Potato's Logic isn't convincing anyone.

Dumbs--ts at Encyclopedia SpongeBobia.png

After Spamming letters, he wanted People to Forget about the Incident.

he thinks this Wiki Should Allow cussing Just because Children's Movies Do it.

The Same Logic as Above

If you want to leave you can.

Spamming Links and more of Potato's Logic

AMK152's Bot Walked in on the Issue.

revealed that AMK152 got Demoted on Fanon Wiki.

Your Meaning of "PG" is a Bit off Base.

you Can't Always Trust Wikipedia.

he Thinks JosephHawk is Bad, And AMK152 wanted him to calm down.

he is Being Bias Against AMK152 and JosephHawk.

All Because You were Given constructive Critism

The Chat Ends

Pretending to Be Someone Else

The Good Choice is to Read the Policy.

You made the Wrong Choice Ben.