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Punkorama mentioned in the Chat Room

A person that Master Bravenwolf seems to be interested in. He was a trouble maker and a blackmailer on Nightmare9188's Tenkai Knights Wiki. Nightmare9188 blocked him due to this reason and also asked Wikia to block him globally, since he also blackmailed and intimidated users on several other wikis such as the Sonic Wiki. Wikia did so and since then he never has been seen again on Wikia.


  • He seems to be in most of the jokes Master Bravenwolf makes
  • He thinks 120d sucks something from Punkorama
  • He appears to have returned to the Tenkai Knights Wiki as SockpuppetAccount-1 one day later, but there's no proof whether he actually was it.
  • Most recently there was a user named PersonaOfDeceit, who was very suspect of being in fact Punkorama. He is mostly active on the SpongeBob Wiki where he collaborated with another enemy of the administration of the Tenkai Knights Wiki, Jezz55. He is globally disabled now.
  • He has an unhealthy obsession with the Sonic wiki.

Wiki's where you find him


  • There actually is another user that Does the Exact Same Thing That Punkorama Did named SoapMactivish+!
  • Punkorama inspired TenkaiKnightsUnite29, one of the former top contestants of the contest and now a bureaucrat on the Tenkai Knights Wiki, to the idea to make pages about users who did mischief on several wikis. TenkaiKnightsUnite29 later became a troll who fought a war against MoviezWorldwide, the group who constitutes the other bureaucrats on Tenkai Knights Wiki and various other wikis.


  • Morokei141 (possible to be Punk)
  • SockpuppetAccount-1 (rumored)
  • PersonaOfDeceit (most likely)
  • Light Vow (possible)

Users that were(or may) Insulted by Punkorama

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