Spongebob you fired

The Title Card For This Episode.

This infamous episode is so hated that even Fox News and other news networks talked about it.

Reasons This Episode Is Hated

  • It makes jokes about unemployment.
  • Mr. Lawrence wrote it.
  • The fact it even exists.

Episodes it Rips off

  1. The way SpongeBob Gets Fired for Just a Coin is Similar.
  2. The way they portray what happens after SpongeBob gets fired is similar, but in SpongeBob You're Fired, it's more Contraversial.
  1. Both episodes have chefs that don't like SpongeBob's meal at first, until they've tried it.
  2. The ending is similar.
  1. There's a part where the Hot Dog Guy runs onto the road and gets hit by a bus.
  1. He makes something out of hotdogs and everyone likes it.