Voting Process

Users will express their vote with either Download (8) Support, Neutral Neutral, or Download (9) Oppose along with a short sentence explaining their choice.

In order for a request to pass, 75% of all votes must be support.

PLEASE NOTE: in order to make a request you must meat the fallowing criteria,

-> Have at least 100 non-social edits (i.e. forums, blogs, comments, userpages)

-> Have demonstrated they are willing to help the wiki.

-> Have a relatively decent reputation across Wikia's network.

If you do not meat this criteria your request will be closed and labled unsuccesful.


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Ongoing Requests

None yet!

Approved and Declined Requests

If your request is not on the template above then your request has either been approved or declined. To see if yours is there check these pages below

Username Request Dates Outcome
SpongeyFAN Admin:SpongeyFAN - Tominator777 In The 2nd World Wiki June 1,2014-June 1,2014 Unsuccesful
SummerSpongefan20 Admin:SummerSpongefan20 - Tominator777 In The 2nd World Wiki June 3,2014- Sucessful
Auron~Guardian Admin:Auron~Guardian September 19, 2014- September 23, 2014 Successful
Rainbow Princess Admin:Rainbow Princess October 11, 2014- October 17, 2014 Unsucessful
Spongebob001 Admin:Spongebob001 Unsucessful (opposed by active bureaucrats)