Tominator777 In The 2nd World Wiki
Tominator777 In The 2nd World Wiki

These Are all The Rules

The Rules

Main Rules

  1. An admin who has been inactive for over 2-3 months will be demoted down a rank (the rank they had before, i.e if a user was chat mod before promotion, the user will be demoted back to a chat mod, but if a user wasn't chat mod before promotion, they won't gain that rank).
  2. Censor Certain offensive Words (i.e. Slurs, Words Relating to Certain controversial stuff like R*pe, Etc..)
  3. Censor any offensive word (except for swearing with the exception being F*ck) in the pictures.
  4. you can cuss in the chat room without censors.
  5. No Vandalism Allowed
  6. Do not threaten harass or otherwise bully another user.
  7. You don't Need to censor Swear words, Just Don't Direct it at Other Users.
  8. you can Curse Without the Censor but Directing it at Other Users are not allowed.
  9. if a User wants An Bureaucrat to delete a Page on here, They should Check with A Bureaucrat 1st.
  10. No Porn Allowed, It is Against Wikia's ToU and anyone who posted the porn will be immediately Banned/infinite blocked.
  11. There is an Admin Request page for those who want to be Admin of this Wiki
  12. There is a Bureaucrat Request page for those who want to be Bureaucrat of this Wiki.Though you must already be a admin to apply.
  13. This Wiki will have freedom of vote (meaning no edit requirement rule to vote is allowed)
  14. When Uploading a Video, make Sure to censor the stuff mentioned on  Rule #1 Rule 2
  15. No Pages on Twilight stuff, it has a Very Defensive Fanbase, You can still mention it in Articles.
  16. On the Crack Life page, no Uploading videos on Crack-life, unless if it doesn't show the Game cause the Game has Sexual Content and Certain Copyrighted Content.
  17. If the Wiki Acts weird or Glitches, Tell an Admin of Bureaucrat, or say it in the Forums, So that way we can know if you're having Problems.
  18. discussions/proposals will be in the forums.

Other Rule Links

Chat Rules

  1. You can cuss in the chat room, but no uncensored slurs, Contravseal or other certain Contraval words. (i.e. Raical Slurs or words ment to offiend Someone)
  2. being offensive to other users in the chat room is not allowed
  3. Kicking users for fun, also called Kickfest, is allowed as long as it's moderate, a recommended way to deal with misbehaving chat room users is 3 kicks ( one kick for every time you need to), if the users keeps doing so, giving them a chat block.
  4. if you feel a Chat ban was false, talk to an Admin or chat mod about it.

Types of Admin

  1. official: went through the Voting process (or been promoted before it was implemented).
  2. unofficial: if a user is promoted to admin cause a bureaucrat wanted/needed them to perform a task that the bureaucrat couldn't do himself/herself.
  3. wiki manager: a user, that the founder trusts to run the wiki while he's away (current manager:Auron~Guardian)

Voting Process

We use a system similar to that of several other wikis including ESB
Users will express their vote with either Download (8).jpg Support, Neutral.jpg Neutral, or

Download (9).jpg Oppose along with a short sentance explaining their choice.

In order for a request to pass, 75% of all votes must be support.