Unity29 aka TenkaiKnightsUnite29 or TKU is a bureaucrat on Tenkai Knights Wiki. Originally he was a quite good user who helped Nightmare9188 and the other people from MoviezWorldwide a lot with making pages, despite most of his pages being stubs and a lot of his edits coming from discussions and his profile which he edits every day. After some questionable blocks by Wikia Staff, which also affected his account, he went mad and blamed all of that on one user and wanted to get him blocked for infinite, despite him not having violated the rules. As MoviezWorldwide refused to do so for good reasons, he started a war against them, with his followers bullying members from MoviezWorldwide. Before that TKU already had a history of unacceptable outbursts towards MoviezWorldwide, but apologized every time. Most recently he claims that users who still critisize him can't let go of the past. A lot of users think that he just says that because he can't win the war against MoviezWorldwide.


  • Apparently he is grossly overweight.
  • He has a YouTube channel with only very few views and subscribers and a picture of himself, which shows himself with a mask as he doesn't want to show his probably very ugly face. This channel can be seen here:
  • He didn't ban girls even though they violated the rules on chat.
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