Wikia, Good Platform, But not the Least Glitchest!

list of glitches

  • Your Account will do things on it's own (Rarely)
  • Your Account picture will Glitch!
  • The block will backfire (rare)
  • The Chat Room will break (SpongeBob Wiki and Userscorner Only)
  • No talking glitch - Sometimes a user will type and it will seem to go through however, nobody can read it.
  • Chat crash - chat will randomly crash forcing users to refresh.
  • Different chat room glitch - clicking "join chat" on one wiki will take you to a different wiki's chat
  • Name swap glitch - Sometimes a user's name will be swapped with someone elses. Eg. "Auron~Guardian" appearing as "Random Pony"
  • Talking before entering glitch - Sometimes people will talk even though their name isn't on the list.
  • Hugsnet glitch: ZeoSpark has had issues in chat with using Hugsnet, what would happen is some of the chat issues are worsened.